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Minimize Damage on Your Garage Door

During the brutal winter temperatures, garage doors can really take a beating. There are a few things you can do this winter to help minimize the damage that the winter puts on your garage door. When it is cold outside, the metal parts of your door, like the screws and springs, tend to shrink. This can cause problems with the opening and closing of your door and it can also make your door an unnecessary danger. Extend the quality and the life of your garage door with these winter weather tips.

Winter Garage Doors

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Inspect the garage door carefully to make sure that all of the parts are in working condition. This is crucial to find any small problems that may develop into bigger, more expensive problems if they go untreated. A problem with your garage door could lead to the door getting stuck or even creating a safety hazard. Consider having a garage door professional come out to inspect your garage door at least once a year to help prevent any problems.


Add years of operation to your garage door system by keeping your garage door parts properly lubricated. This is especially important in the winter to protect the moving parts from the elements. Lubrication is crucial in getting the garage door to move up and down with ease. However, if there is too much or too little lubrication, it can cause misalignment, so be careful to follow lubrication instructions cautiously.


One common issue with garage doors is misalignment of the rollers. This can be particularly dangerous in the winter. Worn, chipped, or cracked rollers should be replaced as soon as possible by a garage door professional.

Garage Door Opener

The winter is the absolute worst time to be stuck with a garage door opener that doesn’t work! Getting out of your car to close your garage door is the last thing you want to do in these frigid temperatures.

Get piece of mind with the powerful Elite Series Garage Door Opener. This model comes with Security+2.0, MyQ Technology, Battery Backup, and Timer-to-Close feature. This product’s warranty has a lifetime coverage of motor and belt.

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What’s even worse is getting to work and realizing you left the garage door wide open! Consider upgrading to OHD Anywhere. Open and close your garage door from your iPhone or Android device. It’s accesible, secure, and convenient.

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