Overhead Door Company of Toledo - Automatic Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Automatic Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

4 Things You Need to Know
To Select One for Your Lifestyle

There’s nothing like the safety and convenience of having an automatic garage door opener to open and close the largest door of your home with just the push of a button. And the latest technology features available mean you can monitor and control your garage door with a smart phone or device app from anywhere. Having an automatic garage door opener lets you save time and stay out of the weather, too! In fact, we think modern garage door openers rank as a must-have for homeowners with cars, kids, pets, bikes, and groceries. So, here’s what’s good to know as you select the best type of automatic garage door opener for you

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Step 1

Know What You Features Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re replacing an existing automatic garage door opener or selecting a new quality overhead door for your new home, you’ll see that the latest advancements in garage door openers and accessories continue to deliver more conveniences. From remote access apps to lighting options and variable speed performance, the quality and performance of Overhead Door® products continues to set the standard. Use this handy checklist to guide you to the ultimate garage door opener for your home.

Every model Overhead Door® garage door opener is compatible with the HomeLink® and Car2U® systems. HomeLink® and Car2U® are universal garage door openers that are incorporated into your car’s visor or roof. Having a HomeLink® and Car2U® allows you to get rid of the handheld, clip remote that often gets misplaced or falls off your visor.

You can use a mobile device to open any Overhead Door® garage door opener models with remote access when you have OHDAnywhere™ and download the app. OHDAnywhere™ offers the ultimate in convenience and security. You can open and close your garage doors no matter where you are and also monitor changes in garage door position. OHDAnywhere™ allows up to 20 different users on one account, and the history report details which user is going in or out of your garage.

Belt drive garage door openers from Overhead Door® are quieter and smoother than traditional chain drive garage door openers. The belt drive reduces vibration, ultimately reducing noise when opening and closing your garage doors. Homeowners that have attached garages which share a wall with bedrooms and living spaces appreciate a quieter garage door opener.

Overhead Door® garage door opener models with a “soft start –soft stop” feature operate with variable speeds. They start slowly, speed up, and then softly stop. The smoother operation with this feature reduces the overall wear and tear on your garage door system which can result in a longer service life of your opener.

Overhead Door® garage door opener models with two sockets to provide more light in your garage. Business and home owners who use their garage spaces for car maintenance and DIY or workspaces will want more lighting in their garages.

Garage door openers with motion detection lighting are a safety feature for home and business owners. Sensors detect when a person enters the garage space and the opener light turns on for a preset period of time.


Compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U® Remote access Quiet, smooth operation Soft stop, soft start feature Brighter light Motion detection lighting
Destiny 1500  X X X X
Destiny 1200  X X X X
Odyssey 1000 X X X X
Legacy 920 X X X X
Legacy 850 X X X
Destiny 1500 Belt Drive  X X X
Destiny 1200 Belt Drive  X X X X
Legacy 920 Belt Drive  X X X
Legacy 850 Belt Drive  X X X
Legacy 650 Belt Drive  X X X

Our Safe-T-Beam® Photo Eye is backward compatible with all Overhead Door® residential openers. New doors have the sensor automatically included by federal law (UL 325) since 1993. 

Step 2

Know the Types of Garage Door Opener Motors

When it comes to the motors that drive your electric automatic garage door opener, there are two types: AC power and DC power. What difference do they have on your selection of am automatic door opener? A garage door opener powered by an AC motor is typically larger, heavier, and louder because they require more components. Whereas a garage door opener powered by a DC motor deliver the most power and are among the smoothest operating motors available. Additionally, DC motors are lighter and quieter and offer more features like “soft start– soft stop,” which reduces wear-and-tear on the motor and overhead door.

Step 3

Know the Types of Garage Door Opener Drives

There are three types of automatic garage door openers, each named for the type of mechanism that the motor drives along a rail to pull the overhead door open or push the overhead door closed. If you are replacing a garage door opener, now is the perfect time to consider the features and benefits of each type of automatic garage door opener drive mechanism.

  • Chain Drive Opener – A chain drive automatic garage door opener uses a metal chain to pull/push the garage door. Strong, durable, and economical.
  • Belt Drive Opener – A belt drive automatic garage door opener uses a strong, reinforced belt. Belt drives deliver a quieter, smoother operation. Few moving parts means less maintenance. Strong, quiet, smooth, simple, and popular.
  • Screw Drive Opener – A screw drive automatic garage door opener uses a long, threaded steel rod that rotates to pull/push the door. Screw drive units are quieter than chain drives. Fewer parts mean less maintenance. Strong, simple, faster.

Step 4

Know Your Garage Door Size and Weight (Or Know Who to Contact to Determine These Specs – Us!)

Other factors that will determine which model you select from our full line of automatic garage door openers are the size and weight of your garage door. By accessing these specs we can help you determine the best match based on the features you want for your home (e.g., speed, quiet performance) and the specifications you need for your door (e.g., power level, strength/weight capacity).

Of course, for garage doors that are larger and heavier, you’ll need a more powerful automatic garage door opener. More powerful openers also deliver faster operating speeds. The rail guide size/length is factor to consider because a more powerful opener should be paired with larger rail sizes

Contact your local, authorized Overhead Door® Distributor for help selecting or purchasing a new automatic garage door opener or a new garage door. Ask about the latest safety devices like Safe-T Beam sensors, battery backup units, and LED lighting, and garage door opener accessories such as remotes, wall consoles, and universal wireless keypads.