Common Garage Door Problems and Repair Needs

How We’re Fixing Broken Garage Doors in Toledo, Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan

The garage door service and repair team of Overhead Door of Toledo consists of professional, factory trained technicians who are experts at repairing all types of garage doors. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common problems that call for fast, reliable repair service.

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A broken or cracked door spring is a common reason for garage doors to not raise or lower since the spring works to help your opener lift the door. The torsion spring is located above the door opening and is something you can see to determine if it is broken. Because of the torsion spring’s extreme tension it should only be repaired or replaced by a qualified professional. Contact us for broken garage door spring repair service.

Garage door problems may be caused by a broken track, misaligned track, or garage door that is off its track. The tracks guide the door when opening or closing. Door tracks are located on both sides of the garage door and above the door. We can help with broken track repair service.

Dented or damaged garage door panels are a common problem we see. Your garage door is made up of several panels, which can typically be replaced if damaged. Contact us for broken panel repair service.

Safety sensors, or eye sensors, that become broken or misaligned can make your garage door inoperable. Federal law requires safety features such as sensors on all garage doors to sense motion or obstructions and prevent accidental closure. Contact us for broken sensor eye repair service.

Your automatic garage door opener lifts and lowers the garage door, so ensuring that it is functioning properly is essential. Our technicians can service a full range of automatic garage door openers. Contact us for broken automatic opener repair service.

Your remote garage door opener or keypad allows you to easily open or close your garage door at the push of a button, so it’s important that it works properly at all times. The Overhead Door of Toledo technicians can service or repair remotes and accessories including wireless consoles, master remotes, and apps. Check out our full range of keypads, consoles, and remote garage door openers. Call Overhead Door of Toledo for remote repair service.

Need help troubleshooting garage door problems such as a door that won’t fully open or close? Contact the expert repair technicians at Overhead Door of Toledo today. To keep your garage door system operating at its best all the time, we recommend regular seasonal service and maintenance.

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